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I only wrote one story for Yuletide this year, but I'm pretty proud of it. It's no surprise that I'm in love with the movie Legend, but I've never written anything for it before. This year my recipient's letter read like one I could've written and when I saw her request for Legend, I knew that's what I was writing.

Not Words Alone
Fandom: Legend (1985)
Word Count: 1341
Rating: Mature (not explicit)
Pairing: Dark!Lili/Darkness
Summary: Darkness seduces Lili and she submits... or does she?

This year was a bit daunting as I ended up with the same recipient I had last year. I wrote a Portal story for her last year, but wasn't sure I could do it again this year. I put Legend on my own request list this year and seeing it on hers was just perfect. She wanted something that was very close to my own request and while I wasn't sure what I'd get -- or if I'd get a Legend story -- I wanted to do my best to write something I'd be happy to receive. (Which is always a goal, but most especially when it's a shared fandom request.)

I also really wanted to write something that could fit within the seduction of Lili scene, something that felt a little ethereal or dream-like. I hope I succeeded in that. I also really liked having a good excuse to go on a bit of a Legend bender, rewatching the Director's Cut, and then the seduction of Lili scene (which has always been my favorite scene of the movie) again and again on Youtube.

And then there was the long internal debate about whether or not write Lili or Lily and I had a whole thing where I was looking at all the places where one or the other shows up. Of course Lili seems to be the more accepted form, so that's what I went with.


Since I mentioned that I also requested Legend for myself this year I thought I'd mention the two (TWO!) Legend stories I received.

calliopes-pen wrote a really FANTASTIC story for me that used a challenge I threw out where Dark!Lili is a werewolf. It's an evil wins scenario where Lili goes with Darkness. Her story is Blood Begins a Curse Anew and is 14k words of awesome.

A Darker Dream is a story from boywonder. Long after the unicorn has been saved, Lili still has dreams of Darkness that are definitely NSFW. It's always nice to get a little smut for yuletide. <3
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So, due to being sick and pretty much asleep for the majority of Yuletide sign-ups, I actually missed signing up as a writer.  But, like I have the past few years, I picked up a few pinch-hits and ended up writing two stories.  Neither in fandoms I've given a lot of thought to.  As with a lot of stuff I write that's outside my normal fandoms, I was super nervous to write these, and I'm still not completely happy with them.  But, I wrote them.

(All Story links go to AO3)

And then somehow (I didn't know they did this to be honest) I was able to sign-up to get a story anyway, because I picked up more than one pinch-hit.  Quel surprise! And then, I didn't get one, but SIX gifts, and I just was over-the-moon.  So, for your reading pleasure:

  • An Honest Mistake - Dragon Age [Isabela/Aveline] (a special treat for me by virusq because technically DA isn't a Yuletide fandom)
  • Purgatory - Carnivale [Henry & Management]

There's more, but let me first say that I've requested Little Red Riding Hood stories every year I've done fandom and I've been super impressed every year by what people come up with.  I got four LRRH stories this year and I love each of them.  You'll see by the tags, I have a type for LRRH stories and I think all of these are slightly smutty.

As for Dragon Age fandom, I wrote a few things for that (and one co-written piece) by far the longest of which is Of Wolves (which you might be tired of hearing about, but I'm not tired of talking about it - {see love of LRRH stories}

And I got some cool stuff too:

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Realized this story never got put up over here. Fixing that now. :)

Title: It's All Implied

Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Story spoilers for the endgame of DA:O (not Awakenings) - with some liberties taken, a small amount of fighting/violence and blood.
Word Count: 2,362

Prompt: #28 "The difference between weakness and wickedness is much less than people suppose; and the consequences are nearly always the same." -- Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington (1789-1849), Irish novelist, writer of magazine articles, and editor.

Summary: A take on Morrigan's role when she leaves the party. She heads home to see and deal with what's left of her mother's place in the Wilds and then contemplates her role in the group.

Author's Notes: Written for [community profile] femgenficathon at LJ (2010). This story wanted to go all over the place, and was determined to be several things at once, for which I apologize. But I wanted to do something that gave Morrigan a little more than the one side we see so consistently, because it's obvious she's got some issues to work through. Hopefully, my idea also worked. (Title from Straylight Run's "Mistakes We Know We Were Making" a sort of theme for this story in general.)

It's All Implied )

Link to the story at AO3
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Title: At My Request
Author: [personal profile] cherith
Beta: The lovely [personal profile] yappichick
Word Count: 27,085
Fandom: Dragon Age: Origins
Rating: PG-13 ish
Pairings: f!warden/Alistair, Leliana/Zevran, Alistair/Morrigan, Leliana/Zevran/f!Warden/Isabela
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Fairytale
Summary: The Warden proposes a way for everyone to get their minds off what they're doing day in and day out. As they make their way across Ferelden to battle the blight, they gather at night around the campfire and tell stories of myth, lore and legend to help get them through.

Warnings: TONS of spoilers for the main plot of Dragon Age: Origins - with lots of liberties taken of course, plus plenty of drama and angst, several implied relationships, some mentioned violence -- all a bit like the game really.

Authors Notes: Written for [community profile] scifibigbang. A big thanks goes to [profile] yappiechick for being my beta!! It looks like my artist may have flaked, so at the moment I don't have anything. But, I'll probably throw a mix together and add that in soon.

This story tried to be a bunch of things when I was starting out, but as soon as I started writing, the idea that the group might need some way to pass all those boring nights around camp really stuck with me. So, that's what it became, a way to tell their story by using stories that have been so well known for so long. At least I hope that's what I did. Enjoy!

PS. Not all the stories used are traditionally fairy tales, nor are they necessarily the same as their popularized versions. So, for the curious, there's a list of the stories I used in the order they appear at the end of the fic. Thanks for reading.

Link to story at AO3
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I'm planning in participating in [ profile] spookme again this year. Only, I have no idea what creature I want to write about. And, as much as I might like getting a random creature, there's a few on that list that I don't want to think about having to write. Also, I have no idea what fandom I want to write for -- which I completely blame on the many fics I've worked on this year.

*sigh* There's only a week left to sign up, so I should figure this out soon. Ideas are welcome. (BTW: Last year was the beginning of my crazy Alice in Wonderland - Vampire!RedQueen story.)

I was thinking about a ghost story, until I saw how many of those there were. Now I feel compelled to choose something less popular -- like PLANT! Guys. I could write a story about a crazy plant monster! (Not that one! -- Feed me Seymour!)
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Title: For Summer Days; A Nightmare

Request: 1) The York family (i.e. the Duke and Duchess, Edward, Clarence, Richard and Rutland). Summer holidays. 2) Richard III. Anything at all.

Fandom: Shakespeare, First Folio - Richard III
Summary: Clarence's dream haunts him, and he thinks on things do distract himself as he waits for some news of his rescue. He thinks on summer days at Ludlow to drown out the shadows and moaning of his nightmare.
Warnings: Character Death-ish (does dying in a dream count?), The ramblings of madmen

Author's Notes: Written for [ profile] the_alchemist for [ profile] thisengland ficathon. I have a soft spot for crazy dreams and wanted to include two of the requests, and this was the best way I could think to do them. Hope you like it!
For Summer Days; A Nightmare )
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"Where did you come from?"

"That's a good question." The young brunette looks back over a shoulder at the dark forest behind her. She shrugs, "I was walking down the path through the forest..."

Alice leans to the side to get a good look around the girl, but doesn't see any path through the trees. "Well, I don't see a path."

"I know," the girls turns completely around and stares at the trees. The shadows are heavy under the snarl of twisted branches and thick leaves. She heaves a heavy sigh and fidgets with the basket over her arms.

"So why don't you tell me what happened? Maybe I can help?"

The young girl sets the basket on the ground and flops down into the grass, gathering her knees up in her arms. Alice checks around for a nice clear spot in the grass and sit facing the girl, spreading her skirt out and smoothing down her dress apron. She looks the younger girl over: her dark hair, pigtails, pretty and clean red dress. She's had a bizarre morning herself, and the confusion written on the girl's face feels much like she imagines her own must.

"This morning, my mother made a large breakfast." She points to the basket at her side. "There was too much for just she and I, so she sent me out to take the remainder to my grandmother's house."

Alice nods, listening with interest.

"Grandmother doesn't live too far, I only had to follow the path and take her breakfast." The girl's gaze darts around the clearing, continuing to look for the absent path. "But, I don't know what happened."

"Well, I am new here myself but I don't think it's unusual for this place to lose a path, or confuse a traveler." Alice gives the girl a soft smile. "I, just this morning have found myself in several strange and frustrating places."

The girl returns Alice's smile with a shy one of her own, "Truly?"

"Oh my yes. As a matter of fact, I just left a strange area covered in flowers that sang to me."

"They sang?"

"And were mildly insulting, but I cannot say I was entirely pleasant to them either."

The girl giggles but catches herself as she remembers her dilemma. The two of them sit quietly for a moment, both of them scanning their surroundings: Alice looking for any sign of the mysterious white rabbit, and the girl, hoping to spot the path to grandmother's house. Suddenly, Alice jumps up, and reaches down toward the girl, her bright blue eyes sparkling.

"I have an idea, come on!" The girl grabs Alice's hand and pulls herself up. She grabs her basket folding the handles over her free hand and waits for Alice's instruction. "So, I was coming from that direction," she gestures behind her with her free hand. "And you, appeared here right here, so you must've been coming from that direction," she points across the clearing to the forested area in front of them.

The girl nods, "I think so."

"Well, I'm sure we can't go the way I came, I haven't seen any house that looks like it belongs to a nice grandmother. And, I was headed over towards the forest anyway, so I'll go with you."

"You will?"

"Of course. Maybe, if I go with you, I can help you find your path. Maybe help you start over, find the beginning of it, so you can find your grandmother's house."

The girl nods, and the two of them set off towards the shadowed forest. As they step under the branches, the girl tightens her grip on Alice's hand. She shrugs the arm holding her basket to adjust it closer to herself. She looks up at Alice hoping to find reassurance in her her new friend's face.

"My mom told me stories about the woods. It's why I'm supposed to stay on the path."

"I understand. Don't think about those stories now, just think about the path and your grandmother's house. Maybe it'll help you find the beginning."

"Alright." The girl closes her eyes, and after a moment her grip on Alice's hand loosens. "The path is just dirt, at the end of a long road out of our neighborhood. I always like to stand at the beginning of it, because it has beautiful flowers. Bright red ones, like my cape."

"Sounds pretty."

The girls wander for several minutes through the forest. The shadows are thick, but they walk slowly, and are able to see in front of them as they go. Alice, always watchful, spots a cat high up on a tree branch once but when she stops to point it out to her young companion, it disappears. The girl thinks it's a very long time before either of them speaks. And she tries hard to think of the red flowers she always picks for her grandma where the path begins and it helps make the trip easier.

When Alice does say something, it's an exclamation "I see them! I think those are your flowers!"

It takes her a moment, but she sweeps her gaze through the darkness, and she too can make out the grouping of flowers through the shadows several yards in front of them. She drops Alice's hand and runs towards the flowers, cape billowing behind her, both hands tight on the basket to keep it closed. When she reaches the path she looks back for Alice, but sees only the road leading to her neighorhood.

Alice lets the young girl run out ahead of her thinking to catch up with her in a moment. But as she watched the girl running through the trees, Alice thought she caught another glimpse of the strange cat in the trees. When she looked back, she caught only a flash of red on the far end of another clearing. On the other side, the sun shone down on a large table with several tall wingback chairs and what looked like a mighty tea party.

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