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My [ profile] femtropebingo card and the five stories (diagonal top left to bottom right) I wrote for it:

Card below the cut )

The Right Idea About Us (secret relationship, Isabela/Aveline Vallen, Dragon Age 2)
Summary: Varric reveals the title of his newest novel to Aveline, and Isabela is determined to see how far Aveline will go to keep their relationship a secret.

The Time You Put In (au: coffee shop, Lucy Westenra/Mina Murray, Dracula (TV 2013))
Summary: Girlfriends Mina Murray and Lucy Westenra work at a coffee shop. (Just what it says on the tin.)

It's Not All Work (au: band, Isabela/Aveline Vallen, Dragon Age)
Summary: Aveline Vallen has just been hired as the bodyguard for Hard in Hightown's lead singer, the Rivaini woman who loves to keep the tabloids in business, Isabela.

Love is a Warm Color (domesticity, Lucy Westenra/Mina Murray, Dracula (TV 2013))
Summary: Lucy visit Mina at school with a gift, trying to entice her home early from her work.

Our Usual Greeting (free, Fem!Boss/Kenzie Kensington, Saints Row IV)
Summary: Something's been weighing on Kinzie's mind about their relationship.

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It's starting to look like my winter and spring writing activities are going to be Bingo related. Or at least my focus post-NaNo when I'm ready to start writing anything other than my NaNo non-fiction.

This is for [ profile] origfic_bingo

Bingo Card Here )
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Hit me with the mundane, I said. Oh boy.

I'm currently working on my [community profile] scifibigbang story, but it's going to be a tight time crunch. Plus the femgenficathon story I'm doing - which is almost ready, but I'm not thrilled with how it's turning out. It's going to need a bit more concentration.

Both this, and the Schmoop Bingo cards are more for those moments when I need to get something knocked loose in my head for certain settings.

Mundane bingo card behind the cut )
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I'm not really ready to start working on this specifically - yet. But, I got one because it's a good way to start thinking about stuff as I work on the massive [profile] scifi_bigbang story I'm working on.

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