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Dear Yuletide Author (or winter writing for fun and profit!) - 2012

Okay, so the profit of course isn't monetary, but you'll earn my eternal gratitude for writing one of these cool fandoms. I'm all about the whim of the writer, consider my likes and dislikes as you would the pirate code (merely guidelines) and if the story takes you somewhere else, go with it. I will love it all the same.

Love: Dark comedy, witty banter, vivid imagery, literary & historical references, melancholy tone, religious: identities or references and subtle mockery thereof, character introspection & retrospection, reading and research, irony, gentle mockery, moral and sexual ambiguity, social commentary, emotionally intense relationships without an acknowledged sexual relationship, serious and/or goofy story twists (with or without red herrings), writing, characters with crazy hobbies, nostalgia, music, changes in power dynamics, unreliable narrators, f/f relationships that may or may not be explicitly sexual (but especially those that are), light and dark image dichotomies, faulty and questioning faith, perseverance, subversive religious ideals and relationships 

Do Not Love: bad grammar, strict PWPs, mpreg

And now for more Fandoms

The Path (video game):
: Scarlet / The Wolf - specifically the fay wolf that is specific to Scarlet. I love her version of the story. Having given up her music to help raise her five other sisters Scarlet's journey seems much more about loss and potential. I especially love how her music ties in.

: (extra things that might be useful to know) I am a music nerd. I think there are several things that draw me to Scarlet. Similar upbringing in raising younger siblings. But also a love of music. It makes complete sense to me that the thing that distracts Scarlet- the thing that gets her lost in the woods- is the piano at the old theater.

Palimpsest by Catherynne M Valente (book):
: I've considered myself a reader from the moment I read my first book. But Palimpsest was the first book I ever really fell in love with. The kind of book that sticks in your brain because there's so many stories and images and things to explore. I especially am hooked on the story of Ludovico and his wife, their love of knowledge and books. And November, her organization and her journals and the way she accepts Ludovico.

: (extra things that might be useful to know) I think the thing that makes me most enjoy Palimpsest is the language Valente uses. It's not just language, it's artistry. Each page is rich and encompassing and engaging. I'd hope that fic based on this world would take that into account.

Fairy Tales (Little Red Riding Hood): 

: Red and the wolf, dark is good here, the original is supposed to be scary. For an extra challenge, mentions of other Fairy Tales (like Snow White and Rose Red, or Briar Rose) would be welcome, obviously, I like the color themes.

: (extra things that might be useful to know) I've read a lot of books and retellings of popular stories, as well as rereading the original Grimm's stories. I have always loved how dark the original stories are. I'm also requesting fic for a game called The Path. Which is also based on the story of LRRH. I mention the game only to mention the imagery about the wolf being distinct to the LRRH, I love the idea and imagery that's involved in that -- because there's so many things you can do with it. I have a thing for the colors red and black and I've always felt this story was more about the visual than the written images in the story. I might not need to say it again, but I will, dark stories are okay here (and preferred).

Witchblade (TV): 

: I absolutely love both the televisions series and the Witchblade comics. I would prefer something with Sara and/or Ian or Sara/Conchobar or Ian/Sara/Conchobar.

: (extra things that might be useful to know) If you use Conchobar -- I adore "Cathain" the song that Conchobar (Grant Lee Phillips) sings. If you use Ian -- well, I'm probably going to love it no matter what, because he more than Sara is what drew me to the story in the first place. Obviously, if you've read my other fandom requests you know that the dark vs. light elements in stories appeal to me, and Witchblade is no exception. And definite bonus points for any inclusion of the adorable Gabriel.