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So, due to being sick and pretty much asleep for the majority of Yuletide sign-ups, I actually missed signing up as a writer.  But, like I have the past few years, I picked up a few pinch-hits and ended up writing two stories.  Neither in fandoms I've given a lot of thought to.  As with a lot of stuff I write that's outside my normal fandoms, I was super nervous to write these, and I'm still not completely happy with them.  But, I wrote them.

(All Story links go to AO3)

And then somehow (I didn't know they did this to be honest) I was able to sign-up to get a story anyway, because I picked up more than one pinch-hit.  Quel surprise! And then, I didn't get one, but SIX gifts, and I just was over-the-moon.  So, for your reading pleasure:

  • An Honest Mistake - Dragon Age [Isabela/Aveline] (a special treat for me by virusq because technically DA isn't a Yuletide fandom)
  • Purgatory - Carnivale [Henry & Management]

There's more, but let me first say that I've requested Little Red Riding Hood stories every year I've done fandom and I've been super impressed every year by what people come up with.  I got four LRRH stories this year and I love each of them.  You'll see by the tags, I have a type for LRRH stories and I think all of these are slightly smutty.

As for Dragon Age fandom, I wrote a few things for that (and one co-written piece) by far the longest of which is Of Wolves (which you might be tired of hearing about, but I'm not tired of talking about it - {see love of LRRH stories}

And I got some cool stuff too:

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