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Fic: You Were Always Good at Putting Words Together [Dragon Age | Bethany Hawke/Cullen]

[Written for a prompt at the Dragon_Age Community on LJ]

“Sister, what do I say? What do I tell him?”

“Bethany, I’m not the one to ask. If you feel the need to leave a letter, then do so. You already know the limits of what you can safely say to him.”

Bethany nodded and looked back down to the parchment under her fingertips. If she wrote it quickly, wrote it the way Marian had asked her to, she wouldn’t be saying anything at all- not really. And she couldn’t imagine what that might do. For him to find such a letter. For him to know that she had left not just the Gallows, but Kirkwall altogether, but nothing of how she felt, how she wanted to stay, not how she wished that things had been different- oh, so different.

Marian would have her say none of that. Not to say that she was leaving, not to say that she cared for him (and in a way that no mage should care for a Templar) and especially not to say that her sister, her sister, was bringing Anders with them. Maker, how could she fit all that into a single letter? Or a pile of them.

She couldn’t.

But, she knew words that he would understand. Even, if there was nothing else to go with them.

Carefully, she penned the Canticle of Trials, just two verses. It was all she would need, if she put his name at the top and her name at the bottom, then he would know. He would know.

When she was done, she showed it to Marian who nodded her approval. ”If you had to write something,” her sister sighed, “then that was well written. In that you didn’t really write it at all.”

Her sister’s voice was dismissive, as she handed the parchment back and Bethany found it hard to smile, though Marian had approved of it in her own way. Bethany frowned, because she knew it wasn’t complete. It wasn’t everything, but it would have to be enough. She turned it over, putting his name again on the other side so that when she rolled it, his name would show. Then, she placed it within plain sight on the desk in her room.

Strangely, once her fingers had left the parchment, she felt an odd sense of peace about it. This way, no one would know, but she and him. This way, it looked only like the Second Enchanter had assigned words of remembrance and peace in a dire time to the new Knight-Commander of Kirkwall.

Maybe in them, Cullen would find some strength.