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[Written for the DA_Land Community where the prompt this week was merely Dwarves]

“Lady Aeducan, if you don’t stop that, I’m never going to finish writing this.”

She looks up at Varric and trails a finger down the inside of the neckline of his open tunic. “Stop what, Tethras? This?” She twirls a strand of chest hair between her nimble fingers. “Or this?” Her other hand toys with the laces of his leggings, laces she’s already undone.

“Oh you do not play fair do you,” he chuckles and sets his parchment aside. “You know, I knew someone a bit like you in Kirkwall. Well, not quite like you, being human and all. But just as… determined.”

“Varric Tethras are you telling me that you…?”

“Oh, no no no. Not for me she wasn’t. No, Rivaini had her eye on lots of men.” His chest rumbles with laughter. “And I know she eventually had her way with many of them. Not my type though. Besides you know how Bianca can get. Still if it hadn’t been for her- I wouldn’t have gotten to writing all these things down in the first place you know…” He looks at his abandoned story, something he knows Isabela will enjoy when she sees the latest chapter.

Lady Aeducan spares a glance towards the chest at the far end of the bed, a chest she knows is locked and solidly so and that contains only one thing, a thing lovingly oiled and cradled with silks. Her eyebrow arches as she looks back at Varric. “Oh yes. I remember.”

With another chuckle he reaches out a hand and rubs at her shoulder. “Bad memories of what the big, bad crossbow did to you?”

Lady Aeducan huffs. “I’ll have you know Varric that my shoulder still gets sore in that spot. Stupid duster healer never set it right.” She pulls her hand from his chest, pushes his hand away and rubs at the spot with a feigned look of frustration and pain.

“I’m not getting any more writing done, am I?”

She grins and her hand moves from her shoulder to his, pushing him back into the pillows behind him. “Not if I have anything to say about it.”

“Whatever the Warden Queen commands.”
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