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[Written for a prompt at Commentfic over on LJ]

"Do you think she believed you?"
Marian is leaning back onto the bed, her hands behind her head. She gives him a cautious, but questioning smile and arches an eyebrow. Her hair has grown longer in her time away from Kirkwall and as she sits up, it falls forward over a shoulder.
 "No way to tell for sure, Hawke," he says as he slides on to the seat at the desk in the corner of their small room. "But, I'll know soon enough. Already have my eyes and ears open to find out where they move next. The Seeker hasn't exactly been quiet these days."
"And was she really with them?"
"Sunshine? Yeah, she was there." He grants her a sly smile and gently taps the side of his nose. "Knew she was there when they pulled me in. She made sure of it." He frowns slightly at the memory. "Did seem like they've picked up a lot of the Circle mages though."
Marian moves forward and slides her legs off the side of the bed. "Varric, is my sister okay? If they're going through all this trouble..."
"Hawke, I've been telling as many people as I can, but it's going to take time. It's not like I can just put out word that Hawke's looking for her sister."
He reaches out his arms to her and she goes to him. She kneels in front of the chair and puts her head against his lap, her brow creased with worry.
 "I just worry, Varric," she whispers against his thigh.
 He pats her head. "I know you do, Hawke. I'm doing the best I can, and I've told so many stories now about how you left- who you left Kirkwall with... " he smiles down at her. "Try not to worry, Hawke. You know how good my stories are."
That brought a small smile to her lips and she folds back to sit against her heels. She looks up at him. "You know I love your stories, Varric. But that's not what I'm..."
"Good," he says, cutting her off. With a nod he lifts a finger to her chin and tilts her gaze to his. "Then you should know that if they're listening to my stories, none of them really know the truth."

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