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Blind Denial the Long Way Down

Genre: A little band fiction, a little urban fantasy
Pairings: Ray/Tony, hints at Mark/Sorrow
Word count: 12,819
Rating/Warnings: Violence/Death, Unrequited Love, Language
Summary: Sorrow is an assassin, she’s a demon employed by other demons to take care of the dirtiest of business. Tinamou is an alternative band that’s just made their first record deal. They are small time, from a small town and yet somehow the band manages to cross paths with the dedicated contract killer known by the full name: "Sorrow and Grief Defeated in Lovers Tears" again and again.
Notes: Guys, I don’t even know. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.

At Dreamwidth: Part One | Part Two

At AO3: here with epub. PDF also available.

Bonus content:

Art: HERE by [ profile] wtfbrain. I love this artwork, it's such a great image of Sorrow.

Mix: HERE by [ profile] demonic_fish - I love this mix so much, I don't even have words. It's wonderful!