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This will be my first time participating in [community profile] chocolateboxcomm but I'm not stranger to fandom exchanges. Dreamwidth is kind of my Yuletide/swap/reveals blog, for more general purposes I can be found on Tumblr at [tumblr.com profile] cherith.

Borrowing from my Yuletide letter for general likes/dnws:

Love: Dark comedy, witty banter, vivid imagery, literary & historical references, melancholy tone, religious: identities or references and subtle mockery thereof, character introspection & retrospection, reading and research, irony, gentle mockery, moral and sexual ambiguity, social commentary, emotionally intense relationships without an acknowledged sexual relationship, serious and/or goofy story twists (with or without red herrings), writing, characters with crazy hobbies, nostalgia, music, changes in power dynamics, unreliable narrators, f/f relationships that may or may not be explicitly sexual (but especially those that are), light and dark image dichotomies, faulty and questioning faith, perseverance, subversive religious ideals and relationships

:: Other useful things to know :: Dark is good. Crazy is good. Sex is great, fantastic even - especially during dark/troubled/angsty times. Seriously. Go wild, go deep, go dark... and most of all, have fun. Go as grim/dark or smutty as you want to author. I'm here for it.

:: Kink/Porn DNW list (please avoid) :: mpreg, torture, watersports/scat, au-type kinks: tentacles, aliens, highly involved pre-sex discussions or negotiations, lifestyle BDSM, A/B/O, genderswap/rule63.

Generally speaking, I'm pretty hard to upset. And I'm all about the whim of the creator. If inspiration takes you in a certain direction, go for it. I'm sure I'm going to love it. <3

And now the Fandoms

Life is Strange
Pairings: Max/Chloe, Max/Chloe/Rachel Amber, Chloe/Rachel Amber, Max/Chloe/Victoria

I love this stupid game and it's stupid feelings and time travel nonsense. Seriously, I love the endless opportunities Max's abilities might give us to experience any number of things with Chloe. Maybe they don't always get a happy ending, but sometimes they do, right? I'm also down for a few pairings that aren't strictly about Max/Chloe, because given the time Max has been away from Arcadia Bay at the start of the game, there's plenty opportunity for Chloe to have pre-existing relationships with other people. Anything is good here, whether it's something fluffy and sweet, dark and angsty, sexy, whatever.

Dragon Age
Pairings: Isabela/Aveline Vallen, Teagan Guerrin/Anora Mac Tir

(pre-apologies for rambling) For the most part I kind of consider Dragon Age to be the fandom where I live pretty much all the time. It's been my main fandom since before Origins came out, when all I had was the strained relationship between Maric, Rowan & Loghain to live on. I love so much about this stupid world and it's characters and it's hard to just whittle down to a few, but these two ships are kind of the ships of my heart. My tumblr is FULL of Dragon Age nonsense and I don't plan to stop that really ever. I'm am totally here for the warrior companions and characters though. If I had to pick one character type, that's what it'd be. Teagan, Aveline, Meredith, Cullen, Cassandra, Blackwall - there's so much about these characters and what makes them tick that I can't get enough of. But when it comes right down to it, Teagan and Aveline are my absolute favorite characters. And while I can ship them both with several different characters, these two ships... these are the end-of-the-line for me.

For Isabela/Aveline I'm in love with Aveline's sense of duty, her loyalty and dedication, and I love the way she and Isabela develop throughout the second game as characters individual of each other but also because of each other. Their friendship is also something that's really important to me, especially as someone with a similar sense of humor (where the best friends you have are also the ones you can rib at, or tease like you might a sibling). I don't consider them much of a fluffy ship, or very domestic in nature, but I do like snapshots of those moments in fic or art that show what they might be when no one else is watching. I'm also very much here for the angst that comes with the Captain of the Guard loving a pirate Captain who both know they can't always live in the same place together.

For Teagan/Anora I'm very much here for their history. I adore the intricacies that come from examining the fact that Teagan's older sister was Queen but he never would've known her much during that time given his age, that he probably spent time with Cailan and Anora, maybe in an older brother/cousin/friend kind of role before he joined the army. That Rowan and Loghain could've had this really intense relationship had it not been for Maric (or maybe they did carry on for some time, or maybe all three of them had something), and that the kind of rumors those relationships might spawn don't really die, even after the people pass on or grow old. I said that to say that I really like the idea of Teagan and Anora having to come to terms with the history of their relationship. Given Teagan's age and the fact that he hasn't been married before, I really like the concept that he might've been considered as a match for Anora at some point. (Or that he might've been paraded out at a younger age as an eligible bachelor that Anora found interesting/attractive, or the younger ladies at court did.) IDK, the TL;DR of this is that I love that there's a lot of potential history that could play into their relationship. Prompt wise, I'm open to whatever you might come up with, whether it's pre or post-Blight, whether it's something lighter and more simple fluff or darker more brooding character introspection (or smutty is good too - as with all prompts).

Mass Effect
Pairings: Female Shepard/Thane Krios, Female Shepard/Samantha Traynor

(Spoilers for game 3, I guess, just in case.) So in ME 2 my one and only ship is Femshep/Thane. I just really love Thane as a character in general but I also really enjoy how intense his and Shepard's relationship can be. I like how it goes from these really deep conversations about his past, to the revelation of how little time he has left, to this all-or-nothing thing for them both. In my mind (and my canon playthrough for ME 2/ME 3) after Thane passes away, it's Samantha's attention and empathy that helps Shepard kind of stay on track, keep focused on what needs to be done. It's more of a slow burn for her and Sam, because she spends some time grieving on the dl, away from the rest of her crew. But, I find Sam really sweet, very fiercely loyal and pretty adorable. I love how straightforward she is and how attentive she is. So ultimately, it'd be nice to have a Sam story that honored a past relationship. But I love Samantha enough that I'm fine if doesn't. In the ME universe, I love slice of life fics. I don't need something big or expansive or inclusive of game plot lines (though I'm fine if they do). But I love to see Shepard during the moments between the chaos that is her life.

The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Pairings: Theodora/Eleanor

I just read this book for the first time towards the end of last year (right after noms for Yuletide closed sadly). As soon as Theo and Eleanor met, I was sold. I think everything about the playfulness between them speaks to potential for a relationship. I don't think there's potential for them in a long term relationship, but I really love the two sides of their relationship while their at Hill House. At the beginning, they're quickly attracted to one another and there's an easy friendship and camaraderie between them and everyone else. Something simple and sweet about what they do in their hours together would be good. After things get darker, they snap at each other and Eleanor gets more paranoid/taken into the house's antics - something that shows how Theo deals with her, tries to keep Nell's attention, or bring her back to the real world would be great.

Star Wars - Episode VII: The Force Awakens
Pairings: Poe Dameron/Finn, Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey

Like most of the rest of the world right now, I'm in love with this movie and most especially the relationship between Poe, Finn & Rey. I've certainly here for Stormpilot, but I also really love the potential for the Sisterhood of the Travelling Jacket. I love Finn and Poe's enthusiasm, their openness, their friendliness and kindness. Honestly I just want anything/everything with them, with or without Rey as a third, but definitely as their friend.

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