Oct. 8th, 2015

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Okay, so of course, it's maybe not always as fun as you wish it was, but you WILL earn my eternal gratitude for writing one of these fandoms near and dear to my heart. I'm all about the whim of the writer, consider my likes and dislikes as you would the pirate code (merely guidelines) and if the story takes you somewhere else, go with it. I will love it all the same. 
Love: Dark comedy, witty banter, vivid imagery, literary & historical references, melancholy tone, religious: identities or references and subtle mockery thereof, character introspection & retrospection, reading and research, irony, gentle mockery, moral and sexual ambiguity, social commentary, emotionally intense relationships without an acknowledged sexual relationship, serious and/or goofy story twists (with or without red herrings), writing, characters with crazy hobbies, nostalgia, music, changes in power dynamics, unreliable narrators, f/f relationships that may or may not be explicitly sexual (but especially those that are), light and dark image dichotomies, faulty and questioning faith, perseverance, subversive religious ideals and relationships 

And now the Fandoms
Little Red Riding Hood (Books/Literature): : Red and the wolf, dark is good here, the original is supposed to be scary. For an extra challenge, mentions of other Fairy Tales (like Snow White and Rose Red, or Briar Rose) would be welcome, obviously, I like the color themes. 
: (in addition) I've read a lot of books and retellings of popular stories, as well as rereading the original Grimm's stories. I have always loved how dark the original stories are. I'm also love a game called The Path. Which is also based on the story of LRRH. I mention the game only to mention the imagery about the wolf being distinct and specific for LRRH, Where any type of girl could be LRRH and have her very own wolf (her other, darker half perhaps). I love the idea and imagery that's involved in that -- because there's so many things you can do with it. I have a thing for the colors red and black and I've always felt this story was more about the visual than the written images in the story. I might not need to say it again, but I will: dark stories are okay here (and preferred).
Dracula (TV): : I hate that this show got so little time, but the love between Lucy & Mina was my absolute favorite thing about it. Give me Lucy before or after she vamps, before or after she declares herself to Mina. And give me Mina who loves her friend more than she loves Jonathan, or Grayson, or herself. And while I adore Lucy/Mina on their own, feel free to give me Grayson/Lucy/Mina. Maybe they live with Grayson, he takes Lucy under his wing and with Grayson, perhaps Mina sheds some of her hesitation about being with Lucy. ALSO, I'm also head-over-heels with Victoria Smurfit as Lady Jayne. So a Lucy/Mina/Lady Jayne threesome would just I don't even have words. It'd be great.
Hamilton (Theater/Musicals): : I am in desperate need of something Angelica/Hamilton. Whether it's in letters or in person, doesn't matter so much to me. Smutty stories welcome, Angelica/Eliza/Hamilton also welcome, but I'm not adding all three for your peace of mind, author, just in case (but if you are, read my ETA just below). I am in love with Angelica, her wit and intelligence. I want to see that spark in her, and how Alexander recognizes it. OOoh and while I'm at it, I should mention, I'm not always up for AU situations but in the case of Hamilton I'm completely down for a modernization or alternative version of the musical's story.

ETA: After stalking other letters after sign-ups closed I wanted to come back and this part, just in case. Author, if your heart is like mine, then please for the love of all that is holy if you're going to give me Angelica/Eliza/Hamilton make it as big as you like. Make it as Angelica/Eliza as your brain can handle, I promise you, I'm here for this.

Crimson Peak (Movies): : A new fandom, but already it's got it's hooks in me. I especially love Edith and Lucille, both as women with strong wills and women that love Thomas and want to be good to him/for him. I've requested all three characters and ideally, I'd love a threesome between Lucille/Thomas/Edith, definitely a better ending for them than the way it actually ended. Lucille as the dominant personality in a potential threesome is definitely what I'm here for, but I could also enjoy Edith or Thomas trying to offer it as a kind of peace treaty. As a note, Lucille/Thomas on their own is a-okay by me. After all, how might it have gone if Edith hadn't tried to nope out of the whole situation? But really, I'm up for anything involving the three of them as long as it's high on drama and atmosphere. This movie was visually stunning and everything my little goth girl heart could ever want. So, bonus points for keeping the themes and visuals as a major part of your story.

Last but not least, I'm requesting two music videos this year which is new and different for me. But I feel like they very much represent my need for visual themes on light and darkness as well as my penchant for stories involving ladies, strong ones (physically/emotionally/mentally) especially.
ETA:: About these two fandoms, since we don't have names for the characters, feel free to either make them up or don't, however it works best for you.

Ghost by Halsey:video on YouTube
I love the song on it's own but with the music video, I think a story can be built around the two women in regards to what it is that makes one refer to the other as her ghost. Personally I think this probably lends itself to the story of a breakup, but it doesn't have to be. 

Hide by Little May: : video on YouTube
The song I think portrays a breakup, for sure, but the video itself gives me a scenario that I'm much more interested in. I want to know where the girlfriend is going, who is the woman that picks her up on the road, and what is it the women are doing out in the forest/field around the fire. Supernatural elements are definitely welcome here if you're so inclined.
:: Other useful things to know :: Dark is good.  Crazy is good.  Sex is great, fantastic even - especially during dark/troubled/angsty times.  Seriously.  Go wild, go deep, go dark... and most of all, have fun. Go as grim/dark or smutty as you want to author. I'm here for it.

:: Kink/Porn DNW list (please avoid) :: mpreg, torture, watersports/scat, au-type kinks: tentacles, aliens, highly involved pre-sex discussions or negotiations, lifestyle BD/SM, A/B/O (Generally speaking, I'm pretty hard to upset but I prefer to keep it within character/genre.)

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