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Yuletide Reveals

I only wrote one story for Yuletide this year, but I'm pretty proud of it. It's no surprise that I'm in love with the movie Legend, but I've never written anything for it before. This year my recipient's letter read like one I could've written and when I saw her request for Legend, I knew that's what I was writing.

Not Words Alone
Fandom: Legend (1985)
Word Count: 1341
Rating: Mature (not explicit)
Pairing: Dark!Lili/Darkness
Summary: Darkness seduces Lili and she submits... or does she?

This year was a bit daunting as I ended up with the same recipient I had last year. I wrote a Portal story for her last year, but wasn't sure I could do it again this year. I put Legend on my own request list this year and seeing it on hers was just perfect. She wanted something that was very close to my own request and while I wasn't sure what I'd get -- or if I'd get a Legend story -- I wanted to do my best to write something I'd be happy to receive. (Which is always a goal, but most especially when it's a shared fandom request.)

I also really wanted to write something that could fit within the seduction of Lili scene, something that felt a little ethereal or dream-like. I hope I succeeded in that. I also really liked having a good excuse to go on a bit of a Legend bender, rewatching the Director's Cut, and then the seduction of Lili scene (which has always been my favorite scene of the movie) again and again on Youtube.

And then there was the long internal debate about whether or not write Lili or Lily and I had a whole thing where I was looking at all the places where one or the other shows up. Of course Lili seems to be the more accepted form, so that's what I went with.


Since I mentioned that I also requested Legend for myself this year I thought I'd mention the two (TWO!) Legend stories I received.

calliopes-pen wrote a really FANTASTIC story for me that used a challenge I threw out where Dark!Lili is a werewolf. It's an evil wins scenario where Lili goes with Darkness. Her story is Blood Begins a Curse Anew and is 14k words of awesome.

A Darker Dream is a story from boywonder. Long after the unicorn has been saved, Lili still has dreams of Darkness that are definitely NSFW. It's always nice to get a little smut for yuletide. <3