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Dear Yuletide Author (or winter writing for fun and profit?) - 2013

Okay, so of course, the profit isn't monetary, but you'll earn my eternal gratitude for writing one of these cool fandoms. I'm all about the whim of the writer, consider my likes and dislikes as you would the pirate code (merely guidelines) and if the story takes you somewhere else, go with it. I will love it all the same.

Love: Dark comedy, witty banter, vivid imagery, literary & historical references, melancholy tone, religious: identities or references and subtle mockery thereof, character introspection & retrospection, reading and research, irony, gentle mockery, moral and sexual ambiguity, social commentary, emotionally intense relationships without an acknowledged sexual relationship, serious and/or goofy story twists (with or without red herrings), writing, characters with crazy hobbies, nostalgia, music, changes in power dynamics, unreliable narrators, f/f relationships that may or may not be explicitly sexual (but especially those that are), light and dark image dichotomies, faulty and questioning faith, perseverance, subversive religious ideals and relationships

Do Not Love: bad grammar, strict PWPs, mpreg

And now the weather Fandoms

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland: : Hatter & Alice preferably conversational, and not overtly sexual. I like implied encounters. Also any inclusion of the Red Queen or Queen of Hearts gets bonus points. Dark is good, insane is better.

Dredd: : I want to know more about Ma-Ma.  I don't care if it's pre-movie, if she lives and it's post-movie.  If you're up for it, give me Ma-Ma/Anderson.  Give me Ma-Ma on Slo-mo, or without.  I just want to read more about this badass lady.

Being Erica: : I want Kai & Erica.  I want angst and fluff, I want to know what happens if Erica chooses Kai for good, if she doesn't become a therapist, or if she does and uses her abilities to see Kai.  Just, give me all of the Erica & Kai and make it work.

Eleanor & Park: : Give me five years, ten years, fifteen years later.  I want to see what happens.  Were the words in the letter "I love you?"  If so, what did they mean for Eleanor & Park's future.  What happens to Eleanor at her aunt & uncle's?  How does she grow?  How do they deal with the distance.  When do they find each other again?  

Legend: : Oh, this move.  You cannot do any harm by making your writing as dark as possible here.  I want Dark!Lily, I want Darkness.  It can be rough, it can be angsty, it can be as dark as you're willing to write it.  What happens if she stays with him?  What happens if she kills the unicorn?  What happens if Jack dies and she's left alone with Darkness?  What about if her father finally comes looking for her?

Stigmata: : By now you know I have a thing for darker fics, for the dichotomy between light and dark characters, for the struggle between good and evil, and of a person's inner character.  I want to see more of Frankie & Andrew. I want a struggle of internal beliefs, of what it means TO believe, or to give up your beliefs for the truth.  Again, dark is good here.

:: Other useful things to know :: Dark is good.  Crazy is good.  Sex is great, fantastic even - especially during dark/troubled/angsty times.  Seriously.  Go wild, go deep, go dark... and most of all, have fun. 

PS. If you're up for a challenge: My absolute favorite fairytale in the whole world is Little Red Riding Hood, in fact, I've requested it every year it's been available.  It's not this year, and that makes me sad.  If you want a challenge, find a way to incorporate that fairytale into one of my requests.  Alice is little red and the Hatter is the wolf?  SOLD.  Dark!Lily is a werewolf?  I'M THERE.  I will absolutely love you forever if you can make it happen.